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Japan Vision Trip Donation
Japan Vision Trip Donation

Westminster Seminary California (WSC) and Mission to the World (MTW)--the missions arm of the Presbyterian Church of America--are partnering to give eight WSC students an opportunity to participate in a week-long vision trip to Japan during their 2022 Spring Break. Japan is one of the most spiritually devoid countries in the world--the second largest unreached people group (127 million people) with only 0.5% who are Evangelical Christians.

The purpose of this trip is threefold:

1) to deepen the WSC seminary education by having students learn from  non-American Reformed chur ches and exposing them to the mission field,

2) to establish a personal connection with Japanese Reformed churches so that students may either pursue becoming a missionary or partner with churches/missionaries serving in Japan, and

3) to support and encourage the local church in Japan during the vision trip. 

If you want to support a WSC student with this upcoming trip to Japan, please  complete the form below.

If you are interested in knowing more about this opportunity please check the brochure here and the application here.  

For more information contact Allen Rea.


Donations for the Japan Vision Trip are only for specific participating students.  In the donation form below, use the "leave a comment" field to indicate the first and last name of the student who will receive your donation.