Drs. Godfrey and Horton at Ligonier Recap

Westminster Seminary California was at Ligonier’s 30th annual National Conference on March 9-11, 2017. W. Robert Godfrey and Michael Horton joined R.C. Sproul and others to celebrate the five-hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and consider the future of the church.

Dr. Horton’s session, entitled “Working for God’s Glory,” outlined the doctrine of vocation and explained how it relates to other doctrines such as the priesthood of all believers, with a view toward encouraging greater faithfulness, innovation, and productivity in the workplace and beyond.

Dr. Godfrey’s session was entitled: “Reformation at Home.” His session explored the biblical teaching on marriage, sex, and family and discussed why these topics are important – especially today and in the future. He also highlighted the need for the church to be the family of God in which love for Christ and His Word are nutured.

You can find these sessions and all the others at Ligonier’s website.