A recent article appeared over at MSNBC and it's certainly provocative. You can find the article here. The basic contention of the article is that the Old Testament's reliablity has been brought into question because of the latest findings of a small group working at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The article claims, "For many Jews and Christians, religion dictates that the words of the Bible in the original Hebrew are divine, unaltered and unalterable." This statement is partially true. Do Christians claim and believe that the Bible is inspired? Yes, we do. Does that mean there are no textual variants? No. If the AP reporter dug a little more deeply and looked at your garden variety study Bible, he would hopefully stumble upon the textual notes and see that Christians for hundreds of years have acknolwedged the presence of textual variants. 

If you want to know more, tune in to "His People" at the Pilgrim Radio Network tomorrow (Tuesday, August 23rd) at 2.30am, 12.30pm, and 9.30pm for an interview with WSC's own Old Testament Professor, Josh Van Ee. You can find Prof. Van Ee's faculty bio here. Prof. Van Ee addresses this AP article in an interview. Tune in!