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The Daily Bread Challenge

“Give us each day our daily bread.” (Luke 11:3, NIV)

When the fridge is full, why pray for daily bread?

It’s a valid question – especially in a first-world context. After all, even tomorrow’s bread is already in the bag for most Americans because of sizable retirement and savings accounts.

But here’s the thing…

When we neglect prayer for daily bread, we miss an opportunity to grow in our dependence on God.

Solomon struggled with this, so he piled up as much gold as he could, only to realize it left him empty. “Everything was meaningless,” he reflected. “A chasing after the wind.” (Eccl. 2:11, NIV)

There’s a cumulative effect when we pray for bread each day. It teaches us that, though life is fragile, God sustains us with His constant provision.

This was the lesson in the wilderness for the Israelites, who collected manna each day for survival. When some gathered more than what was needed, the manna turned to maggots. The stench of the spoiled manna served as a sour indicator of the people’s pride and perceived self-sufficiency.

By teaching us to pray for daily bread, Jesus issues a very practical challenge. Will we cultivate dependence on God through abiding prayer and trusting obedience? Or will we persistently ignore the obvious – that surviving a single day apart from God’s gracious and abundant provision is impossible!?

A life that emits the sweet aroma of trusting obedience or the putrid smell of self-reliance gets determined by how we respond to Jesus’ challenge.

Which will it be for you?

An Escape From the Real Estate Trap

Real estate investors often face a big challenge once they decide to sell the property. What seemed like substantial capital gain could be reduced by 20 to 30 percent – sometimes even more – by the tax bill.

That’s where a planned gift has significant benefits.

By giving the property to Westminster Seminary California, you will receive a charitable deduction and eliminate the tax bill you would have incurred had you sold the property outright. What’s more, if you donate the real estate toward a life income gift, you will secure a lifetime of payments for you and your loved ones.

In other words, a lifetime income gift funded with real estate allows you to support the important mission of Westminster Seminary California AND continue receiving steady income!

This is especially valuable for people looking to free themselves from residential rental property, farmland, commercial property or even vacant land that was purchased as an investment.

Give to Ministry or Bless Your Family? You Don’t Have to Choose

Often, people try to decide whether they should give to ministry or bless their loved ones. Did you know there’s a way you can do both?

Through a lifetime income gift, you can support the important ministry of Westminster Seminary California and secure steady income payments for you or your loved ones.

Most often, lifetime income gifts are used to provide ongoing income for an individual and/or their spouse. However, a lifetime income gift can also be used as a creative way to bless your parents, children or other individuals in need.

For example, John wanted to provide additional retirement funds to one of his faithful, long-term employees. He included a gift in his will that offers this employee steady payments until the time of her passing when the remainder will go toward ministry.

Another couple was concerned that when they go to be with the Lord, their children would receive a single large lump sum. Instead, they set up lifetime income gifts that will provide each of their children 20 years of steady income, after which their favorite ministries will be blessed.

CD Coming Due? Consider a Charitable Option Instead!

Many seniors invest in CDs because of the fixed income they provide. However…

Life income gifts usually result in higher annual payments than CDs. PLUS they allow you to bless the important ministry of Westminster Seminary California, too!

For example, a couple ages 72 and 73 that gives $25,000 could receive fixed quarterly payments of $1,200 for the rest of their lives! *

You can give cash or other property, and you will receive steady income for the rest of your life (or a designated number of years). The remainder of your gift will further Westminster Seminary California’s mission. What’s more, you will receive a charitable deduction for a portion of your gift AND part of your payments will come to you tax-free.

* Based on January 2020 charitable gift annuity rates. Subject to change.