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2023 Annual Conference Speakers

Dr. Michael S. Horton

The Anchor of Faith
The Christian faith is not wishful thinking or having faith in faith. Rather, Jesus Christ, crucified, risen, and reigning, is the anchor of the Christian’s faith. This message will explore the objective nature of the Christian faith. 


Dr. A. Craig Troxel

The Heart of Faith
Faith can be defined as “accepting, receiving, and resting upon Christ alone.” Such a statement highlights the core of true faith, namely trust. Scripture teaches that this trust comes from our heart. As we will see in this talk, the Reformation was not only the recovery of the heart of faith, but a restoration of a more robust and Biblical view of the heart itself.  


President Joel E. Kim

The Gift of Faith
Faith is a divine gift the Christian receives, but we know that the Lord uses means to give and grow this gift within his people. The church has a glorious and sacred duty to pass down the faith from generation to generation in every nation, tongue, and people group. In this message we will examine the church’s reception and sharing of the faith.  


Dr. W. Robert Godfrey

The Crisis of Faith
Faith is not void of questions. The saints have called out to God throughout the ages with questions regarding his plans, purposes, and timing: How Long? When? Why?  The Christian life is not an exemption from the trials and tribulations of the world. This message will address some of the crises of faith as we pilgrim through this present age. 


Dr. Bradley J. Bitner

The Hope of Faith
In this concluding message, we will see how faith and hope are intimately connected. In hope, Abraham believed despite apparently hopeless circumstances. Having been justified by faith, Christians hope even while they suffer. Through the Spirit, by faith, we hope in Christ with patience and eager expectation. Hope’s horizon is the future, and the true hope of faith differs from the world’s false hopes.