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Fall 2019 UPDATE Magazine Online

Seminaries like ours exist to serve the churches, not the other way around. We follow the tradition of seminaries of old, which functioned like structured apprenticeships that prepared experts in the Bible with the practice of pastoral ministry. We believe this model remains the best way to prepare pastors, even if it may be neither easy nor convenient. Today’s church needs the same thing it has always needed – pastors who proclaim Christ faithfully and boldly. Our calling is not about us; it is about Christ, his gospel, and his church. This is not merely a tagline for our school. It is our very calling from God.

In this issue, we explore some of these "why" questions. In the featured article (p. 4), Dr. David VanDrunen considers why seminary education remains crucial for the church today. Current student Q. Luo (p. 8) describes his experience at WSC as he prepares to return home to a challenging and dangerous missions field. Alumnus Christopher Colquitt (p. 20) shares how WSC prepared him to minister to college students at Northwestern University. Finally, we get to know Dr. A. Craig Troxel, our new Professor of Practical Theology (p. 30).

As we approach our 40th anniversary, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness to us through many men and women who walked before us and continue to walk with us.

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