David Mendoza

Class of 2023

MA in Historical Theology

Class of 2023

What work or ministries have you been involved with since graduation?

I am currently working at a classical academy in the Sacramento area. My work consists of the study of primary source texts with students, a skill that I developed during my time in the Historical Theology program at Westminster. I have also had the opportunity to join a talent agency writing on public policy and cultural issues. Both experiences have provided me with time to continue writing.

How has your seminary education been valuable in your current vocation (or any vocation since graduation)? Has it been valuable in ways you weren’t expecting?

We forget that the Protestant Reformers were what we call today “classically educated,” which for them was just being educated. The study of texts requires critical thinking skills, language skills (traditionally Greek and Latin), and the ability to make arguments based on the texts at hand. My time in seminary was certainly valuable for developing these skills and I have been able to implement my work (and develop it) with my students in school as they prepare for college.

What would you say to someone who is currently considering seminary education at WSC?

I have greatly benefited from my education at Westminster, and I would really recommend it to anyone who is interested in academic rigor and wants a good exposure to the Reformed tradition and its interaction with the whole of Christian history. My time at Westminster proved to be indispensable.