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Dr. Godfrey’s Five Points

Resident Faculty, W. Robert Godfrey   |   October 18, 2010   |  Type: Articles

What Makes WSC Unique?

Recently someone pressed me, "What is really unique about Westminster Seminary California?" As I thought about this insightful question, I came up with five points that I think appropriately summarize what makes us unique. Of course, WSC is not necessarily unique at each point, but we are unique in the way we hold these five points together.

The first point is our unreserved commitment to the Scriptures and to the Reformed confessions. The inerrancy of Scripture is the foundation from which we operate on all things, and we believe that the confessions of the Reformed and Presbyterian churches are faithful and vital summaries of what it is that the Bible teaches. That is where we are as an institution, and that is where we want to remain as an institution. That is a passionate commitment for us.

Secondly, we are an institution committed to the very best in academics. We do not believe that a commitment to the Bible and to the confessions in any way undermines our sincere commitment to academic excellence, to the best of academic preparation for our students, and the best of academic work by our faculty. 

Thirdly, all of our commitment to the Bible and the Reformed confessions on the one hand, and all of our commitment to fine academics on the other are dedicated to the service of the church. I am convinced we have to care what the church thinks about us more than what other institutions think about us. The great calling of WSC is to educate pastors and leaders for the church.

Fourthly, we are committed to promoting piety among our students. It is not just head knowledge that students should be gaining here, but a real commitment of heart to the Lord. We try to promote that in a variety of ways, including regular chapel times and faculty-student prayer groups. 

And fifthly, we are and need to continue to be a militant institution. I think this is crucial to our character as a seminary. Now, some people do not like the word “militant”; it seems a little too strong. So let me say that if you think the word "militant" is too militant, what we mean is that we want to be a seminary that is valiant for the truth.

In this anniversary year, we give thanks to God for sustaining Westminster Seminary California over the past 30 years through the support of individuals and churches who are willing to stand up for the truth.God willing, WSC will continue building on its commitment to the truth of God’s gracious redemption of sinners through the finished work of Jesus Christ for another 30 years and more.

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