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Scattered Like Seed

Resident Faculty, Dennis E. Johnson   |   November 22, 2016   |   New Testament, Acts   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series, Acts 6:1-7

 “Dispersion,” scattering, is a bittersweet theme. On the one hand, the Creator authorized his animate creatures and humanity, their rulers, to “fill the earth”—very good. But at Babel rebellious people, defying their Creator’s design, were scattered by his judgment. Centuries later, God’s own people were dispersed among the nations for breaking covenant. The Holy-Spirit-empowered witness of Stephen, a servant of widows at tables, bore fruit both bitter and sweet. Bitter: Stephen is slain, and persecution scatters believers out into Judaea, Samaria, and beyond. But Sweet: Jesus’ people are scattered as seed, carrying the good news of the Savior to bring life and peace to unreached peoples. Still today, the Lord scatters the life-giving seed of his gospel through the painful scattering of his people.

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