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Post-Reformation Trinitarian Perspectives.

Guests, Chad Van Dixhoorn   |   March 17,2016   |  Type: Lecture Series, Commencement

Post-Reformation Trinitarian Perspectives in the Westminster Confession.

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John 17:20-23

Only Jesus himself can hold together a church that is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

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John 17:11-19

The people of God need the protection that only the Father can give through his Word.

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John 17

Jesus is praying for his own glory and for the sake of the Father's glory in giving eternal life to the redeemed.

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The Splendor of the Three-in-One God

Resident Faculty, R. Scott Clark   |   July 1,2008   |  Type: Articles

The doctrine of the Trinity is a stumbling block to vast numbers of people, but without it we are no longer Christians.


John 12:20-36

Resident Faculty, Hywel R. Jones   |   February 25,2008   |   New Testament, John   |  Type: Morning Devotions Series

The Father was silent as His Son died, but as soon as Jesus' lips fell silent the Father spoke by profound deeds.

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Luke 23:44-49

The final saying of Jesus on the cross indicates that communion was restored, having accomplished our salvation.

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Matthew 27:45-50

God forsaken of God has everything to do with the amazing love and grace of God toward sinners.

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Luke 13:6-9; 23:26-34

Even on the cross Jesus is in communion with his Father, revealing the profound and majestic inter-Trinitarian fellowship.

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Covenant Theology: The Meaning of the Death of Christ

Guests, J. Ligon Duncan   |   March 17,2004   |   New Testament, Romans   |  Type: Lecture Series, den Dulk Lectures

An adequate understanding of the cross of Christ must be understood as covenantal and Trinitarian.

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