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The online Resource Center is a central place where Reformed thought and teaching is available to you in a variety of media. Here you’ll find faculty devotions, articles, interviews, lectures, and conference talks. New content is added regularly, so stay connected by subscribing to available feeds.

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Teach Your Children

An exploration of Deuteronomy 6:4ff that shows the importance of teaching others in the church about Christ.

The God of All Comfort and Mercy

In all our afflictions and hardships, the Lord comforts us mightily through the resurrection comfort of Christ, and God does this so that we may then pass on this sweet comfort to others as they suffer.

Spiritual Gifts: Are Signs and Wonders for Today?

The church in Corinth faced the problem of an abuse of spiritual gifts, especially with regard to speaking in tongues.  Paul corrects their worldly view of spiritual gifts by grounding the use of all gifts in love.  The pursuit of love is the answer to the abuse of spiritual gifts.

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