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The Peril of Pastors without the Biblical Languages

September 1, 1986

The abundance of English Bible translations makes knowledge of the original languages even more essential.

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Compromise or Ruthless and Devious Act

January 1, 1985

During the debate on the issue of women in office during the Christian Reformed Church Synod 1995, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey had the opportunity to defend the work done in 1994 to close the offices to women based on the clear teaching of Scripture.

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Reformation: Boer vs. the Bible

May 4, 1980

The testimony of the history and theology of the church places a heavy burden of proof upon the Reformed thinker who opposes the Canons’ teaching on election and reprobation.

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Reprobation – The Critics and the Canons

September 15, 1976

An investigation and response to the charges of critics of reprobation in the CRC in the 1970's.

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Did the Canons Misfire: Five Points on Synod of Dort

June 1, 1976

The Canons of Dort, with their detailed and extensive exposition of several vital points of Reformed Christianity, have guided the church in its understanding of the sovereign grace of God.

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