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Planned Giving
Planned Giving

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been entrusted to the Church. WSC is committed to serving the Church and advancing God’s kingdom as a good steward by preparing pastors who will preach the Gospel both “in season and out of season” (2 Tim. 4:2).

Does the work of Westminster Seminary California stir your love for Christ, His Gospel, and His Church? If so, please consider WSC as you plan your giving and grow in generosity.

Planned Giving Video Planning Your Gifts: Giving with a Plan
Expand your giving capacity by developing a plan for your giving. Learn about a variety of ways to give and the services that are available to you.
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Generosity Video

The Call of Generosity: Growing a Generous Lifestyle
Discover how a generous lifestyle impacts future generations and the importance of growing generosity.
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Planned Giving with Barnabas Foundation

Westminster Seminary California partners with Barnabas Foundation to offer our supporters complimentary planning services and assistance with complex gifts, such as stock, real estate, retirement assets and business interests.  Learn more by calling the Advancement Department at 760-480-8474 or Barnabas Foundation at 888-448-3040 or visiting

Click here to download the WSC How to Give to WSC in Your Will PDF  

Christian Wills GuideChristian Wills Guide

Part of becoming a "good and faithful steward" is to create a good plan for your family. This guide is designed to help you move foward with a plan and designed to encourage you to think about how you want your assets to be distributed at death and to assist you in gathering the information your attorney will need. With this guide, the process will be much easier, less expensive, a comfort to your family and will fulfill your desires for family and the Lord's work. View the Christian Wills Guide (PDF).


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