Planned Giving

Smart and Powerful Giving

Increase the impact of your generosity through planned gifts

Planned gifts offer you smart and powerful ways to increase the impact of your gifts to Westminster Seminary California—often while benefiting your family, too. By understanding the available options, you can multiply the end results of your generosity in ways that are simple, flexible, cost-effective and extraordinarily powerful. For any further questions or help, please contact us at 888.480.8474 or [email protected] or Barnabas Foundation at 888.448.3040 or visit

Barnabas Foundation

Our Trusted Partners for Planned Giving

Since 1976, Barnabas Foundation has helped thousands of individuals and families give more effectively to the ministries close to their hearts. They’ll help you accomplish the greatest good with your generosity—for your family and for God’s Kingdom—through tax-wise charitable giving. You can read a testimony here.

Barnabas Foundation will help you…

  • Identify the best giving options available to you, in a way that is clear and easy to understand
  • Ensure your will reflects your personal and charitable goals
  • Give stock, real estate, or other non-cash gifts while reducing your taxes
  • Make gifts that provide your family with retirement income for life
  • Streamline and simplify the process of giving to multiple ministries

Planned Giving with Barnabas Foundation

Westminster Seminary California partners with Barnabas Foundation to offer our supporters complimentary planning services and assistance with complex gifts, such as stock, real estate, retirement assets, and business interests.

Click here to download the WSC How to Give to WSC in Your Will PDF  

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Discover the smart and powerful ways you can increase the impact of your generosity. To learn more, please contact us at 888.480.8474 or [email protected].

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Christian Wills Guide

Part of becoming a “good and faithful steward” is to create a good plan for your family. This guide is designed to help you move forward with a plan and to encourage you to think about how you want your assets to be distributed at death and to assist you in gathering the information your attorney will need. With this guide, the process will be much easier, less expensive, a comfort to your family and will fulfill your desires for family and the Lord’s work. View the Christian Wills Guide (PDF)

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Types of Planned Gifts

Gifts in a Will

When you give a gift (also known as a “bequest”) to Westminster Seminary California in your will, you model to your loved ones a legacy of generosity. You also help ensure that Westminster Seminary California will continue to make a difference well beyond your lifetime.

Benefits of Gifts in a Will

  • LEGACY. Extend the impact of your generosity well beyond your lifetime.
  • AVAILABILITY. Retain access to your God-given resources for the remainder of your lifetime, or for as long as you need them.
  • CAPACITY. You can potentially make the largest gift you’ll ever have the ability to give.

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Non-Cash Assets

Most charitable gifts to Westminster Seminary California are given in the form of cash because this is so familiar. However, this may not be the most cost-effective way for you to give.

You can increase your potential impact—and experience significant tax savings—by giving non-cash assets.

Examples of Non-Cash Assets

  • Stock or marketable securities
  • Real estate
  • Business interests
  • Farm commodities
  • Life insurance
  • IRA charitable rollover (for donors ages 70 ½ and above)
  • Tangible personal property

Benefits of Giving Non-Cash Assets

  • TAX-WISE. Receive a fair market value deduction at the time of your gift and avoid tax liability on the sale of appreciated assets.
  • ELIMINATE HASSLES. Give assets that you no longer need or want to manage (such as rental properties of vacation homes) for the benefit of Westminster Seminary California.

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FREE RESOURCE: Request your free copy of “Smart and Powerful Giving: Increase Your Impact through Planned Gifts.”  Send me a copy!

Lifetime Income Agreements

Lifetime income gifts – such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts – are wonderful solutions for those who wish to give to Westminster Seminary California in a substantial way, but are concerned about having enough income.

You can give cash or other property, and receive steady income for the rest of your life (or a designated number of years). The remainder will benefit Westminster Seminary California.

Benefits of Lifetime Income Gifts

  • WIN-WIN. Support Westminster Seminary California while securing income payments for life or a designated number of years.
  • ELIMINATE HASSLES. Give assets that you no longer need or care to manage (such as rental property or vacation homes) to benefit God’s Kingdom.
  • TAX-WISE. Receive an immediate income tax deduction at the time of your gift and reduce capital gains tax when funding your gift with appreciated assets.

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Payment Calculator
How much will your payments be? The answer depends on a number of factors, including your age and the type of lifetime income agreement you choose. Use our free online tools to calculate your potential income! Calculate my payments

Donor Advised Fund

Donor-advised funds provide you with a simple, flexible, and tax-efficient giving opportunity. Receive an immediate tax deduction when you deposit cash or proceeds from appreciated assets into a single charitable giving account. Then, recommend grants be made to Westminster Seminary California and your other favorite charities at a time that works best for you.

Through Westminster Seminary California’s membership with Barnabas Foundation, you have complimentary access to the “Stewards Fund,” a donor-advised fund that reflects your biblical values.

Benefits of Using the Stewards Fund

  • TIMING. Receive an immediate tax deduction at the time you make a gift into the Stewards Fund. Then, at a time that works best for you, advise Barnabas Foundation how you wish your gifts to be distributed to Westminster Seminary California and other ministries close to your heart.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Grants can be requested at any time of the day using Barnabas Foundation’s convenient online grant system. You may choose to give in one-time or recurring increments, and you may choose to designate your gift to meet specific organizational needs at Westminster Seminary California.
  • SIMPLICITY. Simplify your giving and record-keeping by making all gifts of cash, stocks, or appreciated assets from a single account.
  • PRIVACY. You can choose to make any or all grants to Westminster Seminary California anonymously.
  • EXPERTISE. Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Barnabas Foundation staff who will manage and liquidate your non-cash asset gifts.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE. Many families choose to use their Stewards Fund account as a cost-effective alternative to establishing a private foundation.

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To learn more about setting up a Stewards Fund account or other smart and powerful giving options, call John Bales at 888.480.8474 Ext 135 or email [email protected].

FREE RESOURCE:  Request your free copy of “Smart and Powerful Giving: Increase Your Impact through Planned Gifts.” Send me a copy!