The Great Reversals of Scripture Archive

But God Meant It for Good | Genesis 50:15-21

November 12, 2020

Among the sterling characters of the Old Testament few surpass Joseph for integrity and faith—which shine all the more given the suffering he was called to endure. From one perspective, his life could be summed up as, “how everything went wrong.” But Joseph would insist that “everything went right.” Is Joseph a special case and have a special faith?  Or does he testify to a promise that applies to the people of Christ as well?


A Proper Approach to Suffering | 1 Peter 5:6-14

November 5, 2020

Peter exhorts Christians to trust in God’s sovereign plan and remain vigilant while we await our blessed hope.


Reformation Day | Romans 3:21-28

October 27, 2020

In his 1521 translation of the Greek New Testament into German Luther used the word allein (alone) in his translation of Romans 3:28, which says, “For we reckon that a man is justified through faith apart from the works of the law.” Luther was right. He captured Paul's intent, which was to teach salvation sola fide, by faith alone.  


The Priest Becomes the Sacrifice

October 15, 2020

The Old Covenant was a visible thing —  the priests, the altar, the animals and the blood.  The New Covenant is, in many ways, an invisible reality.  



October 1, 2020

God’s compassion for those outside of Christ is so different from ours.  He focuses our attention on this in one of the most sublime short stories in literature: the little book of Jonah.  


Justification, The Love of God, and Boasting

September 24, 2020

In Romans 5:1-11, the Apostle Paul preached the bad news of our sin and the good news of our free, once-for-all, justification and salvation. The heart of passage is that, in Christ, God loves sinners, justifies them, saves them, and as a consequence, sanctifies them by his love and Spirit. 


Boasting Subverted, Boasting Inverted

September 17, 2020

All human boasting is subverted by the surprising grace of God's calling and election. The Christian's boasting is inverted, redirected away from ourselves toward the cruciform glory of Christ our Mediator.