Ecumenism Archive

A Discussion on Justification

February 1, 1999

The inadequacies of the compromise on justification presented in the documents “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” and “The Gift of Salvation.”

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A Reformed Dream

September 1, 1997

Our confessional Reformed denominations should consider a bold move to express their unity and increase the credibility of their witness by joining together under one general assembly with each former denomination becoming a particular synod under that general assembly.

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A Big Tent

October 7, 1996

Reformed churches must be big tents in the sense that they welcome all persons regardless of gender, race, ethnic background, or sinful beliefs or lifestyles that they want to put behind them. But Reformed churches, especially in their worship, must not seek to satisfy unconverted desires for entertainment and self-gratification. They must teach, worship and live according to the Word of God alone.

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Practical Ecumenism

October 9, 1994

A biblical expression of Christian ecumenism in a pluralistic age.

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