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Meet A Student/Graduate

Dennis Kang

Dennis Kang

Why did you choose to study at WSC?
I was immediately interested in WSC because it was one of the few Reformed seminaries in the area. I knew a few Westminster Seminary California students, and I was impressed with their level of education. After visiting the seminary one day and sitting in a few classes, I knew it would be a great place for me to learn.

What are you presently doing?
I am currently a pastor of City Light Church, a KAPC church plant in Downtown Los Angeles. It was planted three years ago. Downtown LA is a place of great growth and renewal. I hope that our church will reach the people in this particular area and raise up a new generation of workers for the Kingdom.

How did your education at WSC prepare you for your present responsibilities?
Ministry is more than being able to exposit Scripture but it's certainly not less than this. One thing that I have gained from my studies at Westminster Seminary California is the ability to unearth the wealth of wisdom and knowledge revealed in the Scriptures. WSC gave me a theological and biblical paradigm that's a critical foundation for doing ministry in any context. In Downtown LA, I meet so many people who ask challenging questions about the authority of the Bible and have particular questions about its origins. WSC has given me the tools to be able to show people the glory of the Scriptures and to show its uniqueness in contrast to any other worldview.

What is your most memorable WSC moment?
One of my favorite moments was being taught by the late Edmund Clowney. After a practice sermon he brought me into his office to encourage and pray with me. He told me that I shouldn't just pray for a great sermon but for a fruitful ministry. I also remember a sermon that Dr. Clowney gave during Morning Devotions (chapel) in which everyone sat perfectly still as he laid out the Scriptures for us all.

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