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Meet A Student/Graduate

Katie Wagenmaker

Katie (Wagenmaker) Terrell
Katie, you are one of four siblings who have attended WSC. Please share why you specifically chose Westminster Seminary California.
I grew up in a family that had theological discussions at every family get-together. Because of the constant exposure to heady doctrinal issues, I have been interested in theological study for a while. Yet, even with that interest, I did not want to attend seminary because I did not know what a woman could do with a seminary degree. However, I met some men my senior year at Calvin College who were planning on going to WSC for their M.Div. degree. Through various conversations with them, as well as persuasion from my family, I eventually realized that seminary was relevant for women as well as men. Even though I could not go into the pastorate, I desired to use my love of God’s Word and passion for theology in the church body. 
When that decision was made, I never doubted to which seminary I would go. Westminster Seminary California was a part of my family, and I knew the best theological training would be gotten here. I have not been disappointed. Every day I praise God for the opportunity to study His Word through the teaching of amazing professors who not only know the Scriptures but have a passion for others to know it as well.
What is your favorite WSC experience thus far?
My favorite WSC experience has been my job on campus. By working in The Bookstore, I have been able to meet new students, interact with current students, and have great conversations with the faculty. Every day I love walking into work, not only because I’m surrounded by reading material I wish I had on my bookshelves at home, but also because a funny story, deep conversation, or theological discussion awaits me each day. I have loved my job because I have been able to get to know the seminary community so well and be enriched by the people I meet. 
Since coming to WSC, what specific opportunities have you had outside of seminary to implement what you have learned in the classroom?
Where do I begin? My WSC education is never used so well as when I go home on breaks to my hometown and interact with my friends from high school and college. When we talk about how our lives have gone over the last few months or issues we’re struggling with, I am able to open up God’s Word and proclaim Christ to them. I love that the “book knowledge” of WSC can be easily translated into everyday life because our book knowledge consists of knowing our Heavenly Father better. I have also had the opportunity to teach 4th-6th grade Sunday school at my church. Though bringing my seminary education down to an elementary child’s level has been a challenge, it is refreshing because it helps me gather my thoughts on issues. 
What would you say that you appreciate most about your education at WSC?
I’ve appreciated my systematic courses the most at WSC. When Dr. VanDrunen or Dr. Horton expounds on a theological topic by opening up God’s Word, I stand in awe of not only their knowledge, but how systematic God’s Word is. Yet the professors, no matter what class, take this Bible knowledge and apply it to our lives as we would to a Bible study group or Sunday School class. The hearty study of God’s Word, mixed with the practical application of that, is what I appreciate at WSC.
Do you have plans for after you graduate from WSC? If so, what are they?
Eventually I would like to be a missionary in Western Europe, but in the meantime, I don’t know exactly what I will do after graduation. No matter where God places me, I want to use my theological education to edify His body in whatever area He chooses.
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