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Meet A Student/Graduate

Nozomi Imai

Nozomi (Imai) Kusunoki
Why did you choose to attend WSC?
I have to say that I believe God really led me to choose this school when I was making a decision. As I approached the possibility of attending WSC, God opened every door. It was clear indication to me that this is the place for me to study the Word of God. I am glad that I chose to come here
Although I am not from a Reformed background, I was first exposed to Reformed theology during my years in New Zealand. My mentor introduced me to a Bible study series written by R. C. Sproul, and as we studied it together my faith was significantly challenged. Since then, I have grown to have a deeper desire to know more about God, study the Bible, and follow God with my whole heart. I believe that WSC is a perfect place for me to wrestle intensively with Scripture, which will help me to be well-equipped for future ministry in Japan.
What is one of your favorite WSC experiences thus far? 
Summer Greek! When I was in the middle of it, I had no idea how I was going to make it through. It was not an easy course, but as I look back I actually had a great time learning, getting to know my classmates, and being introduced to seminary life. I was a little sad when it was over. I love languages and the process of learning a new language. Greek and Hebrew classes are definitely my favorites.
What have you appreciated most about your education thus far at WSC?
As I mentioned above, studying the languages has been the most exciting experience at WSC. Although I have far more to learn to really be competent with the languages, reading and studying the Scripture in the original languages is truly an eye-opening process. Before, it is like I just drove through the scenery - but now I am walking on foot, paying attention to every detail I see on the roadside. I discover so many things that I never noticed before. It trains me to read the Bible more carefully and slowly, to truly understand the significance of God’s words.
What do you plan to do after you graduate from WSC?
I will be going back to Japan and serve as a full time staff at my home church in Osaka. They are supporting my studies financially while I am away, allowing me to focus on my studies here. I am so thankful for their faithful support and prayers for me.
I have a strong passion for my country and people. Japan is materially rich but very poor spiritually. However, I see God working powerfully among the Japanese Christians even though their number is very small. With the experience I will gain during the years at WSC, I hope to grow as a better servant for God’s work in Japan, especially helping in the discipleship program and youth ministry at church.
I am also hoping to do translation work in future. Translation is something I’ve always loved to do, and it is one of the ways I can use my skills in languages to serve the Japanese people. There are so many books written in English that I would like to introduce in Japanese! Becoming a translator is my long-term goal along with other possible ministry works.
What would you tell an international student considering attending WSC?
I would definitely recommend for them to come, visit, and experience the atmosphere! The community here is wonderful. I especially love the accountability with the faculty through prayer groups and casual conversations on campus. I would also add: if finances are your concern, do not worry about it. I had no idea how I would manage to pay for all the costs. But God has been providing everything for me in amazing ways. If coming to WSC is God's call, and if you truly trust and pray, He will meet all your needs!
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