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Meet A Student/Graduate

Solomon Yang

Solomon Yang
Why did you originally choose to attend WSC?
While I was an undergraduate, I was involved with a campus ministry. During that time, I met several WSC students who were serving as staff. I was really blessed by their ministry. They exhibited such passion for God and His Word, and they obviously had a great heart for impacting others for Christ. They were also men of character and integrity – men whom I came to regard very highly. When I was considering which seminary to attend, they recommended Westminster Seminary California enthusiastically.
What were the most significant things that you learned during your time at WSC?
I think WSC’s high view of Scripture really impressed me. Though it is an academic institution, I always felt that reverence for and humility before God’s Word was evident in the classrooms and in the lives of the godly men who taught us. Grounding all things on God’s inspired Word, including our theology, was probably the most significant lesson I learned at WSC. 
WSC’s high view of church also had a huge impact on me. Although I grew up in the church, I never realized how central the church is in God’s sovereign plan. I left WSC with greater appreciation for what the church is and with greater conviction about what the church must do.
What are your present endeavors and/or future plans?
I am a church planter with the PCA. Pastoring a young church is demanding yet rewarding work. I also serve the larger church through my presbytery where I have the privilege of serving on the executive committee and the examination committee. Lord willing, I would like to pursue further studies in the future.
How did your education at WSC prepare you for your present responsibilities? 
I am continually learning that pastoring involves way more than what I had imagined. It is but by grace of God that we can shepherd God’s people. Doctrines of sovereign grace always comfort me and convict me in ministry. Learning to trust in the sovereign Lord in all things, including ministry, is a lesson not easily learned. But I’m grateful for WSC’s constant reminder to look to Christ. I am also thankful that my education at WSC challenges and enables me to preach and teach the whole counsel of God’s Word, believing that God uses His Word to build up His people.
What do you enjoy most about the pastorate? 
Shepherding God’s people. It can be very taxing. But it is also most rewarding. To see God’s people rest and rejoice in Christ is precious.
What advice would you give to prospective students considering graduate theological education?
Humble yourself. God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud. 
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