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Christ, Kingdom and Culture

Christ, Kingdom, and Culture (Q&A)

Guests, Panel   |   January 16, 2010   |  Type: WSC Conferences, Christ, Kingdom and Culture

A panel of WSC faculty answer questions related to the theme of Christ, Kingdom, and Culture.

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The King and His Kingdoms

Abraham Kuyper sought to answer the question, how does a Christian live in the modern world?

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Christ and the Workplace

A study of the significance of Christ for our daily vocations in the world.

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Christ and Education

A survey of biblical and theological principles that should guide our practice in the area of education.

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Christ and the State

An analysis of the biblical role of the state and Christian involvement in the political sphere.

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Every Square Inch

How do we confess Christ's power, status, and reign in relationship to this world and its structures and activities.

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The Kingdom in the New Testament

In order to understand the Kingdom of God you must begin with the consummation.

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